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Tutorial – Easy Rolled Hem

Hello again. Today as I was finishing a pencil skirt that I am making, I thought I would make a quick tutorial to show you how I sew a rolled hem. Rolled hems are especially handy when sewing curved hems as they don’t put puckers in the hem. In this tutorial I will show you how to sew one without a special rolled hem foot. Enjoy 🙂

DSCF6503Firstl I overlock (serge) the raw edge, this just makes sure everything is neat. You could use your sew a zig-zag stitch over the edge instead if you prefer.

DSCF6504Now carefully press the overlocked edge over onto the wrong side of the fabric.

DSCF6506Next, fold the hem over again, covering the overlocked edge completely and press flat. If you need to you can pin this fold or even baste it closed.

DSCF6509Using the usual foot (normally called a zig-zag foot) on your machine, set it to a straight stitch with the needle on the left side. carefully sew the hem along the left edge of the fold (wrong side of fabric should be facing up) around the whole hem.  Trim threads and press hem.


This is what the wrong side (back) of the hem should look like. Notice how the hem curves nicely around, and doesn’t pucker.

DSCF6528<— The right side should look like this.

Voila you have a rolled hem, pretty easy huh?!

Thanks for reading I hope you find this tutorial useful 🙂


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