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Tutorial- Chevron Friendship Bracelet with Adjustable Closure

Hello! Recently I was trying to find a tutorial for these pretty friendship bracelets, but I couldn’t find many simple instructions to take you from the start to the finish. Once you get the hang of the two knots these bracelets are actually really quick and easy, and then you can move onto more complicated patterns. So here’s my tutorial:


  • Cotton Thread  in two colours ( Embroidery Thread, Yarn and String work too.)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Needle (optional)
IMG_20150916_130551697First we need to cut four 41cm lengths of each colour thread. So I have 4 brown and 4 purple. Tie a knot with all 8 threads about 12cm (5″) from one end of the thread, pull tight. Now tape the thread to a flat IMG_20150916_130918794surface just above the knot, this anchors your work.
Separate your threads into two groups of four (two of each colour) and arrange them like in the picture (brown, purple, brown, purple, purple, brown, purple, brown).
IMG_20150916_131344873Taking the thread on the far left (brown) lay it over the threadIMG_20150916_131516587 immediately next to it (purple), making a 4 shape, now take the brown thread under the purple one just above where it lays over the purple thread. Holding the purple thread taunt pull the brown one to the right and slide it up to the knot, that’s your first Forward Knot. Now we need to tie another forward knot with the same two threads, so take the brown thread placing it over the purple thread and then under the purple thread, pull tightly.
IMG_20150916_131954965Now we need to move onto the next brown thread. Take the first brown thread and tie two forward knots around the next brown thread and then tie two forward knots around the next purple thread. It should look something like this.
Now take the brown thread on the far right, and lay it over the purple thread in a backwards 4 shape. Take the brown thread under and over the purple thread just above where they first crossed. Pull tight, that’s IMG_20150916_132403953one Backward Knot. Tie another backward knot on same thread. Tie two more backward knots on each of the next 3 threads.  It should look like this photo ——->
Now taking the purple thread on the far left tie two forward knots on each of the next three threads. Take the purple IMG_20150916_134446277thread on the far right and tie two backward knots on each of the next four threads. Keep repeating these steps with the far left and far right threads until your bracelet is long enough to almost fit all the way around your arm. Knot all of the threads together.DSCF6049
Adjustable Closure
Trim the excess threads to the same length (about 12cm) and plait/braid the length. Knot the ends of the plait/braid and paint the knots with nail polish or craft glue so that they don’t come undone.
With two strand of matching thread DSCF6057carefully make several square knots around both plaited lengths as shown in <——–this photo.  (sorry about the blurry photo).  Flip the bracelet so the wrong side is facing you and tie the ends. Paint the knot with nail polish and trim the ends. Allow your bracelet to dry and DSCF6063you’re finished!
To adjust the size of your bracelet, simply pull on the plaited lengths.DSCF6065
I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial! Please feel free to ask any question below and don’t forget to check out our ETSY SHOP!DSCF6066

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